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Our mission: to manufacture exceptional wheels for unparalleled rolling experiences

At DUNEMER, our mission is to work closely with manufacturers and distributors of rolling devices to offer wheels that meet the specific problems of their floors, their equipment and their uses.

We are committed to providing exceptional quality wheel solutions through our advanced technology. Our wide range of models is designed to exceed all expectations, no matter the terrain to be conquered: from sandy beaches to rugged mountain peaks, through rugged trails or urban back streets.

By choosing DUNEMER, you benefit from unparalleled versatility. No matter what type of device you are developing, our wheels are perfectly suited to meet a multitude of applications: smooth mobility, precise handling, sporting pleasure or robotic advancements.

Our team of experts is fully dedicated to supporting you on your journey to excellence. We help you select the ideal wheel for your product and your use, allowing you to create a differentiating and unforgettable customer experience.

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DUNEMER: a history of innovation and transformation

Founded by Jean Guidetti, DUNEMER is a family business specializing in the design and production of wheels. Jean's original idea was to create simple wheels to transport boats from the dunes to the sea.

In the 1960s, Jean devoted his energy to the design of these wheels and their future industrialization. In 1972 the first DUNEMER wheel was born, followed in 1976 by the plug-in version on a hub.

In the 1980s, the industrial production of DUNEMER wheels began, as they are marketed today. Jean and his daughter Aurore have expanded the range to meet different needs.

In 2012, Jérôme Lanfranchi, Jean's nephew, took over the business. He undertook the digitalization of DUNEMER, created a commercial website, automated financial processes and modernized the brand. Jérôme works in collaboration with his three daughters.

Beyond his responsibilities, Jérôme is passionate about design and collaborates with designers and manufacturers to create the rolling devices of the future.

Today, DUNEMER combines family tradition with a forward-looking vision. Through digitalization and innovation, we continue to develop solutions to meet the needs of our customers.