Rouler sur l'herbe

rolling on the grass

When it comes to choosing the best wheels for riding on grass, here are some options to consider:

  1. Wide-pneumatic wheels: Wide-pneumatic wheels provide good flotation and distribute the weight of the vehicle over a larger area, which reduces the impact on the grass and minimizes damage to the surface. The wide tires also improve traction and stability on grass.

  2. Flat tread wheels: Wheels with a flat tread are effective for rolling on grass, as they reduce grass compaction and minimize the tracks left behind. Shallow grooves or a smooth surface help reduce the grass cutting effect when passing the vehicle.

  3. Low-aggressive knobby wheels: Wheels with low-aggressive knobs provide extra traction on grass without damaging the surface. Less pronounced lugs reduce the risk of ripping grass or creating ruts.

  4. Wheels with a floating hub: Wheels with a floating hub can be beneficial on grass because they allow the hub to spin independently of the wheel. This reduces rolling resistance and minimizes damage to grass by reducing pressure on the surface.

  5. Plastic Coated Wheels: Soft plastic allows for increased traction while minimizing impact on grass.

It's important to consider the specific characteristics of your vehicle, the type of grass you plan to ride on, and your individual needs when choosing the best wheels for grass.

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