Roue pour fauteuil de mise à l'eau de personne à mobilité réduite

Wheel for launching wheelchair for people with reduced mobility

DUNEMER low pressure balloon wheels offer several advantages when it comes to a beach wheelchair for launching people with reduced mobility. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Improved buoyancy: The low pressure balloon wheels provide better buoyancy on the water, making it easier to launch the wheelchair and allowing the person to float more easily in the water. This can facilitate swimming and water recreation activities.

  2. Adaptability to soft surfaces: Low-pressure balloon wheels are designed to adapt to soft surfaces, such as beach sand. They reduce sinking in the sand, which facilitates navigation and allows the person to move more easily on the beach, including when accessing water.

  3. Ride Comfort: Low-pressure balloon wheels absorb shock and vibration better, providing better ride comfort on uneven beach terrain. They reduce the jolts felt by the wheelchair user, which can be particularly beneficial for people with limited mobility.

  4. Traction and grip: Low-pressure balloon wheels provide better traction and grip on sand and slippery surfaces. This allows the person to move around safely on the beach and facilitates access to the water without the risk of slipping.

  5. Ease of Navigation: Low-pressure balloon wheels provide better maneuverability on sand and loose surfaces, allowing the person to navigate the beach more easily. This can be especially important when getting in the water, avoiding congested areas or rough terrain.

It is recommended to choose low pressure balloon wheels specifically designed for beach and launch wheelchairs, taking into account the conditions of use.

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